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Vegetation Management Solutions

Shuterra stands as a premier entity in the realm of vegetation management, ushering in innovative technology and methodologies to a diverse range of markets. Our service umbrella extends to local, state and federal government entities, industrial, telecommunications, aviation, retail, and solar sectors, as well as numerous other facets within both public and private domains. Shuterra enables our clients to navigate their operations in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring the safety of their workforce and the general public, while adhering to local, state, and federal regulatory compliance in an ecologically responsible fashion. Our seasoned team at Shuterra is dedicated to implementing robust, science-driven strategies to tackle the most challenging vegetation dilemmas. We are committed to resolving vegetation problems in a manner that is not only economical but also ecologically harmless.

Roadside Vegetation Management

At Shuterra, we meticulously carve our specialty in roadside vegetation management, primarily through the adept use of herbicide applications. Our fleet of trucks is meticulously engineered to adeptly navigate and manage both county and rural roadways, ensuring optimal results in varied terrains and conditions. Infusing technology into our operations, we meticulously track the where, when, and what of our herbicide applications on roadways, ensuring precision and adherence to environmental and regulatory standards. Engaging with our roadside vegetation management program brings a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to, enhancing road safety by maintaining clear sightlines and minimizing wildlife-vehicle collisions, safeguarding infrastructure from damaging vegetation, and ensuring seamless transport flows. We prioritize not only the aesthetics and functionality of your roadways but also emphasize sustainable practices that pivot towards ecological responsibility and community safety.



Shuterra is proud to be at the forefront of innovative vegetation management by successfully securing FAA exemptions and certifications to deliver aerial herbicide applications. This milestone enables us to efficiently target and manage vegetation in hard-to-reach areas where conventional methods might fall short. Particularly, for weed control in challenging terrains such as steep embankments and rip rap along roadways and dam areas, our aerial applications have proven to be invaluable. Shuterra adeptly employs aerial herbicide dispensing technologies to ensure precise and targeted applications, minimizing the impact on non-target species and the surrounding environment. By embracing this aerial approach, we not only elevate the accuracy and efficacy of our weed control efforts but also enhance the safety and longevity of the infrastructures amidst these challenging geographies, ensuring they remain functional, safe, and visually pleasing for all users.

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